Xergy Consulting

xergy consulting green circuitOur Work

Xergy Consulting researches and develops energy solutions for buildings. We serve a diverse range of clients in the energy efficiency, building design and smart grid sectors. Principal Peter May-Ostendorp, PhD, LEED AP brings over eight years of experience on topics ranging from mandatory appliance regulations to commercial building energy management.

We thrive on solving tough energy problems through a combination of cutting-edge building science and top-notch communication. Some examples of our work include:

  • Using building energy models to optimize the control of commercial office buildings
  • Data mining to improve energy use and comfort in commercial buildings
  • Leveraging detailed energy modeling in the building recommissioning process
  • Helping developers of energy management software build improved analytics into their platforms
  • Exploring the benefits, costs and barriers of emerging energy-efficient technologies
  • Researching and evaluating the technical feasibility and implications of energy policy

Our Vision

We believe that our greatest untapped energy resources lie on the customer side of the meter. Xergy Consulting exists to help clients explore and harness those resources. We embrace projects for a wide range of clients: the commercial real estate owner looking to reign in rising utility expenses, the energy management startup trying to harness building science in their platform, the policymaker needing to quantify the energy impacts of new building codes and technologies. We thrive on new energy challenges requiring research and development of new technologies.

Most importantly, we only take on work that we believe has positive environmental and societal impacts.

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