Xergy’s Lab: Building up datasets, tearing down products

At Xergy, our laboratory is one of our favorite tools in our data-driven energy efficiency research toolbox. Through lab research, we can amass robust datasets and investigate a product’s sensitivities to various operating conditions. These activities also provide valuable insights into energy-efficient design strategies. (Plus, as engineers, we love taking products apart to see what makes them tick!)

As a small team dedicated to the efficient use of demand-side resources, we emphasize early-phase, investigative research (as opposed to high-volume, commoditized testing) because we believe this is where our work can have the greatest impact. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Exploratory product testing to better quantify energy efficiency opportunities
  • Engineering teardowns
  • Test procedure and efficiency metric development
  • Custom research projects to vet emerging technologies before broadly deploying in the field

We collect high-quality, defensible information by tightly controlling the flow of data from the lab bench to analysis to the final deliverable — all of which is frequently done by the same subject matter expert.

Here is a sampling of what we’ve been up to in the lab lately:

  • Tools of the trade: clean power and high-accuracy power analyzers.